Respiratory Therapy

TLC Care Center's unique approach to pulmonary care and rehabilitation.

TLC Care Center has become the destination of choice for patients needing pulmonary care and rehabilitation. For many pulmonary patients, each breath is an effort. In some cases, the simple task of eating, speaking or sleeping can be extremely problematic. At TLC Care Center, our healthcare professionals understand the difficulties of pulmonary disease and the significance of new accomplishments. We work with each patient, to create a tailored individual care plan.



Medical Management: Our healthcare professionals work closely with the physician’s medical treatment team. Each patient has an individualized care plan developed to promote the highest level of functioning for that patient.


Physical and Occupational Therapy: Our state of the art care facility includes access to occupational professionals and a therapy room equipped to help patients practice carrying on daily living activities. Our therapy room includes practice stairs, railings and a working kitchen.


Speech Therapy: When pulmonary disease affects the ability to speak, it can be extremely frustrating for the patient. Our speech therapy improves the ability to communicate and facilitates an independent lifestyle.


Education: Patients, families and their caregivers are given specific instruction for individuals with regard to their medication, exercise regimes, breathing and pacing techniques.


Maintenance Program: After discharge, we develop a customized plan of continued exercises, techniques and strategies. We help patients continue their progress at home to become more active and confident.



  • Manage symptoms and complications of chronic pulmonary disease.
  • Increase exercise and mobility.
  • Enhance communication, cognition and swallowing abilities.
  • Improve overall quality of life.
  • Introduce guided imagery and relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Train qualified patients to administer their own medications.
  • Introduce methods and strategies to regain daily living activities.
"My mother was given excellent care as part of the TLC Care Center Pulmonary Rehab program. Because of the therapy and care she received, she was able to return home. As a caregiver, I appreciated learning about the issues related to pulmonary disease and how we could alter her lifestyle for a safe and independent living environment."

Carolyn from Las Vegas

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The TLC Difference

  • Customized Care Plans
  • On-site therapy
  • Outstanding Patient Care
  • Climate-controlled rooms
  • Complimentary Transportation
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