Assisted Living vs. Skilled Nursing Facility in Las Vegas

There’s more to picking between assisted living and a skilled nursing facility than saying one or the other is superior. Needs, expectations, and finances all play a role in deciding between assisted living or a skilled nursing facility in Las Vegas. Primarily, the decision in any case comes to what each option can’t offer, as the two offer superficially similar experiences and services. We’ll discuss the basics shared by each, the key differences, and how to make the best decision for you and your loved ones.

Shared Aspects

At either an assisted living center or a skilled nursing facility in Las Vegas, residents can expect to have the daily activities of their life overseen and cared for and opportunities to socialize. Meals, social activities, bathing, dressing, and other activities elders may struggle with and/or desire to have overseen are available at both types of facility. Both will allow elders to avoid the dangers of isolation that arise as independence is lost with age.

Key Differences

At its core, an assisted living facility is a managed living center—the staff at hand are not necessarily trained or licensed in any way, and cannot offer adequate medical attention. Skilled nursing facilities, on the other hand, are medical centers first and living centers second. The staff of such places are licensed and trained as required by federal and state laws, and thus much more capable, legally and practically, of overseeing the needs and emergencies of those in declining physical and/or mental health.

Some assisted living facilities have skilled nursing facilities attached or associated, but it’s important to understand the differences—especially as different facilities may use obfuscating names, such as “Extended Care Center” or “Long-Term Care”. Furthermore, certain assisted living facilities will have waivers allowing them to manage seniors with certain ailments, such as various forms of dementia. Researching a facility in advance is thus very important.

Making a Decision

A skilled nursing facility in Las Vegas such as TLC Care Center, operates much like a hospital does, which means they are more suited for those in failing health, who need full time medical attention alongside general life assistance.

Not sure what best suits your needs? You can call TLC Care Center at 702-547-6700 to learn more, or to schedule a tour of our facilities. We welcome your questions and concerns.

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